Guarantee Safety Through Engagement And Information – Questions To Ask Your Firearm Safety Instructor

Accessing and using firearms has long been a part of Canadian culture, dating back to the days of a wild frontier. As society becomes more and more urban, though, fewer people have an appreciation for the steps they need to take to guarantee their firearm safety. Signing up for a safety course is a great first step, but such a course will only be as effective as you allow it to be. Below, you’ll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask your firearm safety instructor. Keeping these suggestions in mind can help guarantee that you’re a safe and responsible firearm owner who will put yourself in a position to get the most from your guns for many years to come: Ask About Proper Maintenance Many people don’t think about firearm maintenance as a safety issue, but the two things are incredibly interconnected. Making sure that your firearm is in a proper state to fire correctly is an essential step in guaranteeing that you can use it without incident when the time comes. Your firearm instructor will be able to give you tips for cleaning and oiling your firearms in order to make sure the firing action remains smooth. It’s also important to consider the adjustments to make if your sight seems off, as an accurate shot is a safe shot. Ask About Storage Options...

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Counted Cross Stitch – Painting With Needle And Thread

It’s such a simple stitch, tiny crosses side by side, covering an expanse of fabric with color. First-timers get their start with kits that have easy-to-follow patterns, cloth, embroidery thread and needles. As stitching skills improve, the patterns become more complex, until it seems like you are painting pictures using needle and thread. The Fabrics Cross stitch is done using various fabrics. Aida fabric is 100 percent cotton, and its weave naturally creates little squares that are easy to count. When using a cross stitch pattern grid, the little squares on the pattern match up with the squares on the Aida cloth. The cloth is available with between 6 to 18 squares per inch and in various colors. Vinyl Aida is available in 14 to 18 squares per inch and is used for magnets, bookmarks and place mats. Experienced cross stitch enthusiasts often use linen as their base material. The squares are not as prominent as in the Aida fabric, but linen is perfect for wearable embroidery projects. Waste canvas, similar to that used for needlepoint, is a material that is held together using water soluble glue. It is used for cross stitching on tote bags, quilts or clothing. It’s known as waste canvas because after the design is complete, the threads are pulled out, leaving only the embroidered design behind. Waste canvas is white, with thin blue threads...

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Three Professionals Who Can Help Improve Your Athletic Performance

If you are an athlete, whether a recreational competitor or an elite international one, you need a team of experts to get your athletic performance to its maximum. Here’s a look at three professionals you should have on your side to take your sports achievements to the next level. Physiotherapist Don’t wait until you’re in rehab for an injury to meet a physiotherapist! While physiotherapists can certainly help you recover from an accident or surgery, they can also lend a boost to your regular training methodology. A good physiotherapist like one from Pleasantview Physiotherapy can offer strength training exercises and advice about proper body mechanics to reduce the risk of future injuries. You can also learn how to improve your flexibility and range of motion, which is a big plus in virtually every sport. Physiotherapists tend to work in concert with other sports-related professionals, so they can also recommend experienced orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, or podiatrists for issues they can’t address within their own practice. Nutritionist All the great training in the world will get you nowhere if you’re not fueling your body properly. A nutritionist who specializes in athletes can provide a range of services to improve your performance: create a better eating schedule for both training and competition, including when you’re on the road advise you on how to shop at the grocery store and health food market teach...

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Ensuring Your Camping Gear Is Ready For The Coming Year

With camping season closing in, it’s important that you make certain all your gear capable of meeting the demands you’ll make of it. Tents develop leaks, zippers fray and bend, and camp stoves have a host of their own problems. By making sure all of the equipment and supplies you need aren’t going to give you a nasty surprise while you’re out in the woods you can avoid cutting a vacation short. Seasonal Tent Checks and Repairs Before you begin planning your camping trip take the time to pull out your tent and check it for any possible tears, punctures or faulty zippers. The best way to go about this is by simply setting it up in your lawn and giving it a thorough inspection. Pay close attention to the floor and the side panels, as these tend to develop punctures more often than the roof panels. Open and close all zippers, closures and screens to make sure they are working properly, and won’t leave any gaps for insects to pass through. If you have found problems, most tents come with a simple repair kit that will seal most holes. Unfortunately, few tent zippers are easily replaced or repaired, so you may need to replace the entire tent because of a single faulty closure, unless you like the idea of waking up to a cloud of mosquitoes in the...

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The 5 Things To Look For In Swimming Classes For Your Kids

Swimming lessons are a great way to get your kid some exercise while teaching them a valuable life skill. As more and more parents look to enroll their kids in swimming lessens, the number of options and varieties of courses has also increased. Finding the right class for you and your child means focusing on what separates a good class from a great one. A focus on age and not ability. A lot of swimming classes sort kids by age for the sake of convenience. However, the swimming ability of different children of the same age can vary greatly. Sorting kids by ability can take a little more time and attention, but you don’t want your kid to be left behind by much better swimmers or bored in a class of beginners below their level.  Small group sizes. This is pretty self-explanatory. Groups that are too large are likely to leave kids behind and can increase the chance that accidents can happen. Multiple teachers per group. Perhaps more important than small group sizes, having a class where more than one teacher is supervising a group makes sure that no one student gets left behind as the teachers try to teach the group as a whole. Two teachers instead of one are also an extra set of eyes watching the kids and keeping them safe. Sufficiently long. Some classes tend...

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Treadmill Run

Are you a die-hard fan of outdoor running? If so, you may be overlooking a powerful training ally: the treadmill. The control you have over your speed and incline on a treadmill make it the perfect choice for both speed work and easy days. Read on for a few workouts to try on your next treadmill run. Progression run A progression run involves increasing your speed throughout the duration of your run. If your goal is to do a 10K, you might run the first two kilometers at an easy, warm-up pace. Over the next eight kilometers, increase your speed by one or two notches each kilometer, until you’re sprinting the final stretch. Adding speed over the course of your run allows your body to ease into it, helping you handle paces you might not be able to reach right out of the gate. You can play with the exact distances—maybe you stay at a relaxed pace until the final stretch, and quickly progress your way up from there—but the overall principle is the same. Start slow, and finish fast. Intervals Intervals are a great way to get in a killer workout in a short period of time. They involve quick bursts of speed followed by recovery time. For example, you could sprint for 30 seconds, and run at a recovery pace for 60, repeating this for half an...

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Your Affordable & Fabulous Home Gym

Just because you have the motivation to work out does not necessarily mean that you have the financial means (or time) to visit a gym on a regular basis. You might have to work during the day, and even if you do go to the gym then, you might not enjoy using most of the equipment anyway. Consider setting up your own home gym. It is more convenient than visiting a gym.  Did you know that you can create a gym at your home for less than $100? Go for used equipment or online sources for the best results. Here are the items you need to create a compelling and motivating home gym: Exercise Ball Also known as a stability ball, this little treasure can cost less than $20. You can use the ball as a weight, seat or bench. In fact, you can even sit on it while you are watching television to engage your core. Dumbbells It is easy to find sets of dumbbells that you can use to start working out. Depending on what types of exercises you do, you might be able to find inexpensive options at your local department store. Small dumbbells are great for use during squats. You might also consider purchasing a kettlebell at about 15 pounds. Kettlebells are useful for arm exercises where you might ordinarily use a dumbbell. You also...

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How To Have The Best Hotel Spa Experience

Getting a massage at your hotel is a wonderful way to unwind from the travel you endured to get there. You can expect to be pampered, and at hotels with spas the massage therapist will do all they can to help you to relax. However, there are some steps you can take to make your experience even better. Discuss Your Sensitivities Before you start your massage, take the time to communicate with your massage therapist about any sensitivities you might have. Consider letting them know if you have any: Injuries – Your therapist should be informed of any open wounds or bruises you might have so they don’t irritate them by rubbing them or contaminating them with oils. It’s also important that your therapist know so they can protect themselves from your open wounds for hygienic reasons. Allergies – Massages often include the use of aromatherapy and oils, including eucalyptus and lavender, which are both known to trigger allergies. If you have any sort of sensitivity to scents, plants or products, let your massage therapist know before your session. If they’re severe allergies, you might want to call ahead and let them know before you ever arrive so they can make sure scents used with prior clients are thoroughly cleaned and aired out before you arrive. Nudity Anxiety – It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious about disrobing for a massage....

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Soccer Popularity

Soccer's the most popular sport in the World because it's so widely accepted, it's fast paced, and it's easy to follow. Find out more here!

Soccer Teams

There are a variety of different types of soccer teams throughout Canada and the rest of the world. Learn which are the most popular here.

Being a Soccer Coach

Becoming a youth soccer coach is a rewarding experience! Gain some insight into how you can make it happen for yourself.